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TQUK is an Ofqual regulated Awarding Organisation, providing us with a wide range of vocational qualifications.

The First Aid Industry Body sets standards that we adhere to, as a training organisation.

It ensures that our quality assurance processes are in place and maintained.

This also ensures that you get high quality training with us.


Our Awarding bodies


As an Ofqual regulated body, ​​the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) is the UK’s only chartered professional body dedicated to excellence in leadership and management.

Our CMI accredited courses prepare you for leadership at all levels so that you can thrive, not just survive in your role.

It all starts here, right now!

By choosing from our range of courses at different levels and duration, you can position yourself to make a purposeful leap into your future...

Benefits to you:
- Get a free Totum/ NUS Extra Card on us
(Offer valid till Christmas 2018)
- We provide a similar quality at a more affordable cost across board
- Get free CMI membership throughout your CMI course.
- Become a Chartered Manager!



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Learn for Life, not for a job...




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Empowering you with knowledge to achieve greatness

Wiseheart COLLEGE

Our College at a Glance


Go on...  achieve those goals!

As a part of Wiseheart Group, Wiseheart College was set up to help people overcome mediocrity and fulfill their life's purpose.

It provides courses to the young and old and is aimed at those who want to make a difference from where they are.


We drive excellence and innovation by providing accredited management and leadership courses to aspiring and existing leaders, coaching and mentoring courses to facilitate continuous development, professional consulting courses to make management consulting a finer task, first aid and education courses to prepare and challenge creative minds and provide safety for this and future generations.